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Sexbomb Song Lyrics

Andy Caine
Easy Virtue Soundtrack - Movie, 2009
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Sexbomb Spy On Me, Baby
Use A Satellite
Infrared To See Me Through The Night
Aim Gonna Fire,
Shoot Me Right
I'm Going To Like The Way You Fight

Now You Found The Secret Code
I Use To Wash Away My Lonely Blues,
So I Can't Deny Or Lie
'Cause You're The Only One That Makes Me Fly,

Sexbomb, Sexbomb,
You're A Sexbomb,
You Can Give It To Me When I Need To Come Along
You're My Sexbomb
And Baby, You Can Turn Me On,

Now Don't Get Me Wrong,
I Don't Mean You Any Harm,
This Bomb's For Loving,
You Can Shoot It Far,
I'm Your Main Target,
Come And Help Me Ignite
Lovestruck Holding You Tight,

Make Me Explode,
You Know The Route To Go To Sex Me Slow,
And Yes I Must React To Claims Of Those Who Say That You Are Not All That,

You're My Sexbomb,
You Can Give It To Me When I Need To Come Along
You're My Sexbomb,

[Thanks to Alyssa for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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