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Everybody Needs A Thneed Lyrics

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Everybody Needs A Thneed Lyric

The Once-Ler Lyrics
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Everybody Needs A Thneed Everybody needs a thneed,
A fine thing that all people-
You know what we need?! For you to stop!
You suck!
Everybody needs a thneed!
A fine thing that all people need!
The thneed is good, the thneed is great,
Let's hope we're not too late!
It's a super trendy hat,
It's a tightrope for an acrobat,
A net for catching butterflies,
Everybody needs a thneed,
A fine thing that all people need,
Everybody needs a thneed!
(ahhhhhh ahhhhh)
We want the thneed,
(ahhhhh ahhhhhh)
We need the thneed,
(ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh)
We need a thneeeeeeeeeeeeed!

[Thanks to airq12 for lyrics]
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