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One Door Opens Lyrics

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One Door Opens Lyric

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One Door Opens One door opens, another shuts behind
One sun sets and another sun she rises
Love comes to you in old familiar ways
Love comes to you in shadows and disguises

She may quit you, she may forsake you
Drift away like a phantom in a fever
Who walks in to your heart of solitude
Who walks into the lair of the deceiver

They say it was my turn
They say I had it coming
They say that’s what you earn
For living through a lie
If I could have my way
I’d leave it all tomorrow
There’s sorrow if I stay
I’ve other fish to fry

When love breaks like a precious string of pearls
A thousand memories, they roll away and scatter
Make believe that there’s ice runs through my veins
Shrug my shoulders, as if it doesn’t matter
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