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Do Little Things Lyrics

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Do Little Things Lyric

Changing Faces Featuring Ivan Matias Lyrics
Dr. Dolittle Soundtrack - Movie, 1998
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Do Little Things [Featuring Ivan Matias]
See the birds as they fly away
Making htings for another day
And the hearts of the lonely ones
Found in you they can trust
There goes the light again
But the light you saved
Left them dim
And they will never forget the love
That you shared with it
Oh I, don't mind having your attention
And I hope in time
That the whole world will listen
*Do little things today, do little things to do
Do little things 'cause I know what it means to you (2x)
(Ivan Matias)
See the glow on your face
It's a reform no one can take away
And the joy that runs through me
Is so free
I love being apart
Even if the smallest heart
Let's me in
I wanna friendship that will never, never, never end
That's why I...
*Do little things today, do little things to do
Do little things 'cause I know what it means to you
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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