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Still Lyrics

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Still Lyric

Alanis Morissette Lyrics
Dogma Soundtrack - Movie, 1999
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Still I am the harm which you inflict
I am your brilliance and frustration
I'm the nuclear bombs if they're to hit
I'm your immaturaty and your indignance

I am your misfits and your praised
I am your doubt and your conviction

I am your charity and your rape
I am your grasping and expectation

I see you averting your glances
I see you cheering on the war
I see you ignoring your children
And I love you still
And I love you still

I am your joy and your regret
I am your fury and your elation
I am your yearning and your sweat
I am your faithless and your religion

I see you altering history
I see you abusing the land
I see you and your selective amnesia
And I love you still
And I love you still

I am your tragedy and your fortune
I am your crisis and delight
I am your profits and your prophets
I am your art, I am your bytes
I am your death and your decisions
I am your passion and your plights
I am your sickness and convalescence
I am your weapons and your light

I see you holding your grudges
I see you gunning them down
I see you silencing your sisters
And I love you still
And I love you (still)
I see you lie to your country
I see you forcing them out
I see you blaming each other
And I love you still
I love you still
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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Alanis Morissette Still Lyrics
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