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Just A Girl Lyrics

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Just A Girl Lyric

Jessica Tyler Lyrics
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Just A Girl a girl like me just tryna have some fun.
a girl runnin' round tryin' to bug anyone.
but still i sit there and curl my hair.
just so i can get you to stare.

i was on the streets, my eyes on you.
but there was this dog who try to take my shoe.
a knight in shinning armor you saved the day.
it was no fued, but it changed my way.

i'm just a girl livin' in this crazy world
tryna find my way.
i'm just a girl and i started to blush when you swept me away. just a girl.

i'm always dreaming big, not living for today.
my best friend came to me and said "i'll make it one day"
i'm usually bored and mad at a guy.
i'll get away someday, i will touch the sky.


maybe it's just me but i need to break free and
i'm sick of playing games and i'm struggling because of you.

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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