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Don't Say Love Lyrics

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Don't Say Love Lyric

All Too Much Lyrics
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Don't Say Love Alright

Feeling so good, I've been waiting so long
You find someone, you know, to get along
Someone who knows the words I don't have to say
Someone to make me wanna, make it through my day

Don't say love has been going so well
Don't say those words, no, don't ask, don't tell
Don't, don't, don't say love

Can you like the corners that stand so still?
It's going to happen, I know it will
So I can call it something, I'm not sure it is
But I know, I feel it, I know, I feel it

Don't say love has been going so well
Don't say those words, no, don't ask, don't tell
Don't say love, just enjoy your time
I want what's yours, you can take what's mine
Don't say love, don't ever smile
Let's live the moment

[Thanks to max for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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