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El Paraiso Rico Lyrics

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El Paraiso Rico Lyric

Deetah Lyrics
Deep Blue Sea Soundtrack - Movie, 1999
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El Paraiso Rico I'm travellin' with security and purity
Mr Muscles couldn't clear
My thoughts and belief
Aggrevated peeps
Runnin' loose on the streets
They could never beat the sunshine
For me or Jay-Z
I see diabolic horns, infernal calls
Snake minded networks
Confusin' lost souls
Lost steps, like you was on alcohol
Thos blurry visions
Won't lead you to your goal
Gold pearls and diamond rings
All expensive shinin' things
This is where they want to be
El Paraiso Rico
And when the cash don't shine
They close their eyes fo' life
Just get a grip and look around
There's better things in life
Oh oh, you tripped over
Your ego and greediness
Rest your nose from
High excitements
We're the finest, possess by life
Your highness
Represent reality
From my own department
Own vision, own conclusion
Confusion be yours truly
And for me an illusion
You relinquish knowledge
And put it to the side
Abscent minded striked
Now money owns your life
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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