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Show People Lyrics


Show People Song Lyrics

You're a special kind of people known as show people
You live in a world of your own
The audience paid plenty to sit there and clap
Hearing you sing
Watching you tap
Did you know your dentist longs to be in show business?
Your window washer wants to be a star
And though your an*lyst may never couch it that way -
(spoken) an*lyst - Couch!
-You don't know how lucky you are
Some policemen and detectives dream of show business
They can't get arrested but still
They sit around the station and fancy this life.
They jeer Sherlock Holmes and
Cheer Mack the Knife.
Ask your cleaning lady, "Don't you dream of show business
To vocalize or stretch beside a barre?"
Her affirmative shrug
As she shampoos your rug
Lets you know how luck you are!
Oscar, Cioffi, and Carmen:
There's a special kind of aura 'Round a show person
(Just ask the next waiter you meet)
He walks in fifth position
His voice is just grand
He gives you the check
You give him a hand
All of them:
If the boys in valet parking turned to show business
They could scalp a higher ticket for your car
And my tree surgeon now
Started taking a bough
(spoken) A bough, get it? b-o-u-g--
The rest:
-Don't know how lucky you are
We're a special kind of people known as show people
We live in a world of our own
Our days are tied to curtains
They rise and they fall
We're born every night
At Half-hour call
We can't picture being anything but show people
Civilians find the whole thing quite bizarre
But that hop in our hearts
When the overture starts
Helps us know how lucky we are!
(spoken) All right - EVERYBODY
Full company:
It's an honor and a joy to be in show business
I feel that spotlight hit me and I'm gone
At the last curtain call
I'm the envy of all
So I know the show must
Go on!
So Thrilling! We're show people!
And on!
So Willing! We're show people!
And on!
So Thrilling that show people
[Thanks to Kayla, anon ymous for lyrics]

Curtains Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2007
Show People Lyrics from Curtains Soundtrack (2007). Rating: 4.2/5 (27 votes)