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Questions Lyric

Jack Johnson Lyrics
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Questions Questions, I've got some questions

I want to know you

But what if I could ask you only one thing

Only this one time, what would you tell me?

Well maybe you could give me a suggestion

So I could know you, what would you tell me?

Maybe you could tell me what to ask you

Because then I'd know you, what would you tell me

Please tell me that there's time

To make this work for all intents and purposes

And what are your intentions, will you try?

Impressions, you've made impressions

They're going nowhere

They're just going to wait here if you let them

Please don't let them

I want to know you

And if they're going to haunt me

Please collect them

Please just collect them

And now I'm begging

I'm begging you to ask me just one question

One simple question

Because then you'd know me

I'll tell you that there's time

To make this work for all intents and purposes

At least for my own

What is a heart worth if it's just left all alone?

Leave it long enough and watch it turn into stone

Why must we always be untrue?
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