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Please Mr. Jailer Lyrics

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Please Mr. Jailer Lyric

Amy Locane / Johnny Depp Lyrics
Cry Baby Soundtrack - Movie, 1990
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Please Mr. Jailer _Allison_
Please Mr. Jailer,
Won't you let my man go free?{x2}

He don't belong in prison
though he's guilty as can be,
but the only crime he's guilty of is,
simply lovin me!

Please Mr.Jailer,
won't you let my man go free?

Well I know it won't be long now
til' they cut his hair off too.
Still I'm hoping there's one favor,
that i could beg of you, so

Please Mr. Jailer

Won't you let my man go free?

_Background Singers_
Please Mr.Jailer, won't you let
this jailbird free?

I say look into his eyes,
and open up that door.
Just, listen to his guitar and you'll know the score.

Please Mr.Jailer!Let an honest man go free!

Yeah,yea yea

_All Men_
Please Mr.Jailer, Don't you make a
life bird out of me!(Crybaby echoes "me
I'm innocent I swear it,
Let my woman testitfy!
She'll tell you where I was that night

Yea I'm his alibi[Allison echoes "bi"]

Please Mr. Jailer

Won't you let my man go free..


_All Men_
I'm tired of pressing license plates,
down in this rotten hole.
I gotta reach the outside

Before I lose control!
Please Mr. Jailer!
Don't you make no lifebird out of me

Yeah, yeah yea

Please Mr. Jailer,
Let me out of this penetentery

Please Mr. Jailer,
Don't you make no lifebird out of me
Please Mr. Jailer

Won't you let my man go free..
Ooohhh,Ohhhh Oohhhh
Let my man go Free!!

Ooohhh,Ohhhh oohhhh
Don't make no lifebird out of me

Please Mr. Jailer

[Thanks to Jessica for corrections]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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