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Sumpin' Lyrics

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Sumpin' Lyric

The Pimps Lyrics
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Sumpin' I know when I'm rollin¡¯
All the trigger's to keep it going
Flowin', knowing nobody
Not knowing machine had ever started
Hopin' you're chokin'
¡®n¡¯ you're trying to say ¡°it's hardly broken¡±
Lookin' for me and I swear it's in catchers motion
All the way down by the pound
The sh*t you read about
A nice round figure
Anyone can figure out
And everything's for nothing if you¡¯re willing to try
Gotta make an even teat
You gotta try to stay high

Cos everybody is in the subside out
You gotta find out who
You gotta find out who and what it is
I know you feel me right now
Cos everybody is in the subside out
You gotta, you gotta,
You gotta find out who and what it is

And I saved a little time to try to organize
Negotiating, compromise and trying not to advertise
Anyone to stick in and try and get you,
Don¡¯t you get hustled by my slicker
I don¡¯t trust that in associates
I keep appearances below the line of minimum
Lay into 'em
Get into 'em
But for only for an incherama
Intense for purposes
Immoderation, in evasion
Hope nobody notices
Nobody cares


What it is¡­

You gotta find out¡­
¡®bout who and what it is¡­
You know me
Well me I gotta find out¡­

What it is¡­

I got this honey o' mine
She's bin working for the airlines
Around trip tickets to Paris
On the red hot drummers of ma
In the land of heat and sand
But the money wouldn't let¡­
You know they're driving me¡­
Well the Lord o' the land
I caught him shootin' up sea rack
Drivin' some fun
'til he slipped 'em in the knapsack
Everything's for nothing if you're willing to try
Gotta make an even taste
You gotta try and stay high

Cos everybody out¡­
Oooh is in the subside out
Cos everybody is in the subside out
You gotta, you gotta
You gotta find out who and what it is
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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