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More Human Than Human

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More Human Than Human Song Lyrics

White Zombie
Covenant Soundtrack - Movie, 2006
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More Human Than Human I am the Astro
Creep a demolition
Style hell american
Freak - I am the
Crawling dead - a
Phantom in a box
Shadow in your
Head say acid
Suicide freedom
Of the blast read
The f**ker lies
Scratch off the
Broken skin - tear
Into my heart make
Me do it again yeah

More Human Than Human

I am the jigsaw
Man I turn the
World around
With a skeleton hand say
I am electric head a cannibal core a
Television said
Yeah do not victimize
Read the mother
f**ker-psychoholic lies
Into a psychic war I
Tear my soul
Apart and I
Eat it some more

More Human Than Human

I am the ripper
Man a locomotion
Mind love american
Style yeah I am
The nexus one I
Want more life
f**ker I ain't
Done - yeah

More Human Than Human
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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