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Zero Song Lyrics

Catman Cohen
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Zero I was born pale and invisible
In a world
Sees everything
Everything, everything….but me

Invisible to your touch
And doubt you’ll like me very much
Am I alive?
Was I ever me?

I’m a non-existent cipher
A pointless empty zero
Never added up to anything
A non-existent cipher
Pointless empty zero
Tell me….what does it all mean?

And now I think I want you
Ethereal body
Oblivious mask
And now I think I love you
Intelligent lips
Painted in black

But no need to look my way
Or give me the time of day

Can’t be with you
In this world
Invisible man
Never gets the girl

Oh, no...

I’ll find where you are
And watch from afar
You will be felt by me

I’ll find where you are
And watch from afar
You will be loved by me

For life
Your zero
The day I die

Your zero….your zero

[Thanks to Linda for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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