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Colonel Hathis March Lyrics


Colonel Hathis March Song Lyrics

(Spoken) Hup, Two, Three, Four
Keep it up
Two, Three Four
(Repeat 2x)
Oh the aim of our patrol
Is a question rather droll
For to march and drill over field and hill
Is a military goal!
Is a military goal!
By the ranks of single file
Over ev'ry jungle mile
Oh we stamp and crush thru the underbrush
In a military style!
In a military style!
Oh we march from here to there
And it doesn't matter where
You can hear us push thru the deepest bush
With a military air!
With a military air!
We're a crackerjack brigade
On a pachyderm parade
But we'd rather stroll to a water hole
For a furlough in the shade!
For a furlough in the shade!
[Thanks to Elliott for lyrics]

Classic Disney Lyrics

Soundtrack for Cartoon, 2003
Colonel Hathis March Lyrics by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman from Classic Disney Soundtrack (2003). Rating: 4.2/5 (29 votes)