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Townspeople at Joseph's House Lyrics


Townspeople at Joseph's House Song Lyrics

After Mary and Joseph are married,
some of the townspeople come to tell
them about a decree from Caesar
Augustus of Roman government, they
have no choice but to obey all
Roman laws.

WOMAN #1: "Mary... Joseph...
did you hear the news?"

MAN #1: "There's been a decree
from Caesar Augustus."

WOMAN #4: "It says everyone must
be registered."

WOMAN #2: "The worst part about
it is we all have to go to the city
of our origin to do it."

MAN #4: "It's courageous."

MAN #2: "Does Caesar have any
idea the hardship this will be
for everyone?"

WOMAN #4: "We'll have to travel
for weeks."

WOMAN #3: "Cursed be Caesar."

MAN #3: "Silence."

MAN #2: "Do you want to get us
into trouble?"

WOMAN #2: "There's nothing we
can do. We're helpless against the
power of Rome."

WOMAN #3: "If only the Messiah
would come."

MAN #1: "Here, Joseph, read it
for yourself."

MAN #3: "Joseph, you are from the
house and lineage of David..."

MAN #4: "So you have to go all
the way to Bethlehem."

WOMAN #1: "By the time you
arrive, Mary will be ready to
deliver her baby."

WOMAN #3: "Oh, my."

Realizing they have no choice, Mary
and Joseph prepare to go to
Bethlehem as soon as possible.

Child of the Promise Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2000
Townspeople at Joseph's House Lyrics by Child Of The Promise Cast from Child of the Promise Soundtrack (2000). Rating: 4.2/5 (24 votes)