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Townspeople at Joseph's House


Townspeople at Joseph's House Song Lyrics

After Mary and Joseph are married,
some of the townspeople come to tell
them about a decree from Caesar
Augustus of Roman government, they
have no choice but to obey all
Roman laws.
WOMAN #1: "Mary... Joseph...
did you hear the news?"
MAN #1: "There's been a decree
from Caesar Augustus."
WOMAN #4: "It says everyone must
be registered."
WOMAN #2: "The worst part about
it is we all have to go to the city
of our origin to do it."
MAN #4: "It's courageous."
MAN #2: "Does Caesar have any
idea the hardship this will be
for everyone?"
WOMAN #4: "We'll have to travel
for weeks."
WOMAN #3: "Cursed be Caesar."
MAN #3: "Silence."
MAN #2: "Do you want to get us
into trouble?"
WOMAN #2: "There's nothing we
can do. We're helpless against the
power of Rome."
WOMAN #3: "If only the Messiah
would come."
MAN #1: "Here, Joseph, read it
for yourself."
MAN #3: "Joseph, you are from the
house and lineage of David..."
MAN #4: "So you have to go all
the way to Bethlehem."
WOMAN #1: "By the time you
arrive, Mary will be ready to
deliver her baby."
WOMAN #3: "Oh, my."
Realizing they have no choice, Mary
and Joseph prepare to go to
Bethlehem as soon as possible.