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A Little Bit of Sunshine Lyrics

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A Little Bit of Sunshine Lyric

Chicago Soundtrack - Musical, 2003
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A Little Bit of Sunshine [MARY SUNSHINE]
When I was a tiny tot
Of maybe two or three
I can still remember what
My mother said to me...

Place rose colored glasses on your nose
And you will see the robins
Not the crows

for in this tense and tangled web
Our weary lives may weave
you're so much better off
if you believe...

That there's a little bit of good
In everyone
In everyone you'll ever know

Yes, there's a little bit of good
In everyone
Though many times, it doesn't show

It only takes the taking time
With one another
For under every mean veneer
Is someone warm and dear
Keep looking...

for that bit of good in everyone
The ones we call bad
Are never all bad
So try to find that little bit of good!

Just a little, little bit of good

Is someone warm and dear
Keep looking...

For that little good in everyone
Although you meet rats
They're not complete rats
So try to find that little bit of good!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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