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How Many Women Lyrics


How Many Women Song Lyrics

How many women would drive themselves crazy
By arguing over a game of chess?
Not very many -- the way things are going
There'll soon be one less!
Don't believe you, sweetie pie --
Listen, Freddie -- I too had ambitions
How did I get waylaid?
How can such a flower
A sensitive soul, a delicate child
Wind up as a nursemaid
Respectably set for the glittering prizes
Instead of which I landed you --
You'll get your prizes!
I'm ninety percent of the way to the top of the heap.
Thanks -- ten percent -- you got me cheap.
No, no, Florence -- I mean we are ninety percent of the way --
How many women -- articulate women
With something to shout about --
Spend their time
Playing a game in which silence is golden
And speaking a crime?
Maybe if he moved his king....
All of my struggles for qualifications --
My nights with Goethe and Proust
Recklessly abandoned
For you who thinks Chekhov is king to G3
And Joyce my college roommate!
But then when I show you a move you can't fathom
I have to admit it feels great --
Great news for chess fans!
Yeah, that's how he did it -- yeah, that's how the Communist
Maybe I deserve a raise.

Chess: New York Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 1996
How Many Women Lyrics from Chess: New York Soundtrack (1996). Rating: 4.2/5 (26 votes)