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Secret Wars (Prince Paul Mix)

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Secret Wars (Prince Paul Mix) Song Lyrics

The Last Emperor
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Secret Wars (Prince Paul Mix) Dig this and dig it deep

What if I had the power to gather all of my favorite emcees

With the illest comic book characters and they became arch enemies?

Inconcievable? Unbelievable? Yet as wild as it seems

The Emperor and Stan Lee would coach the two opposing teams

Keep it clean no bats no gats guns no interfearance

Comic book characters would go head up with raw lyrics

Now I take, whoever might be on break from doin tours

And have them signed up for the Last Emperor's Secret Wars

Sure, for that kind of capacity, you need a crazy large arena

that might stretch from west Philadelphia to east Medina

If I'm able, I'd put it on pay-per-view through my label

And give free tickets to my neighborhood bums with no cable

Yeah, that sounds phat, now that we've squared away the propositions

Let's begin with the ultimate toughman competion

"Let the games begin!" Set it off, it's the fight of the century

KRS and Professor X would battle each other mentally

With rhymes, these two team captains waste no time

Charles Xavier tried to invade Kris Parker's mind

He shot a cerebral probe at Kris's mind, but he missed it

Professor X taken out by the Blastmaster's metaphysics

Round two, new fight, word to life, you gotta see this

Locked in mortal combat is Dr. Strange and The Genius

Here son, he's no match, let that grafted wizard have it

'My Liquid Sword slashes straight through Dr. Strange's Magic'

Another hero down, and now the score is two to zero

Gy words from the Genius, and he's still my rhymin hero

Now the next fight was conducted in a rough like manner

Specifically between Reggie Noble and Dr. David Banner

Or should I say the Incredible Hulk when he's amped off the gamma?

But Reggie Noble soon became the Incredilbe Redman and slammed him

You know how Redman gets when his adrenaline starts pumpin

Started schitzin in the ring, so then the Thing tired jump in

Ben Grimm leaps into the ring, and after Redman he lunges

'But Reggie Noble dropped him with two Brick City punches!'

Rhymes by the bunches, bums get dirtier than Middle Eastern dugeouns

Ready to set this like Detective Columbo and his hunches

While the ref's clean out the ring, cause the last fight was so intense

Let's do a live interview with the brother named Common Sense

'Yeah, yeah it's Common Sense, and Iceman tried to freeze me,

So I took him to Chicago and told him to take it easy

He couldn't see me with my applejack hat and hightops

Colussus and Cyclops, I got No I.D. and Y Not'

Good lookin Common Sense, that last album was tight

Let me get back to the ring and evaluate the next fight

Now the next fight had to be the craziest of all times

We got Dr. Octapus 'versus the mighty Busta Rhymes!'

Doc Oct versus Busta? Man that stuff is dead

He'll get his eight arms ripped off, goin up agaisnt the dreads

'Ha, ha! Now Dr. Octapus, who you think you grabbin?

The god can never lose, so you know it will never happen

Lyrically making you sleepy, you'll need a nap when

I slap you with my dreads, lights out, you'll kiss the canvas'

Before my eyes, I see the demise of another superhero

Next up is Ras Kass versus Magneto

Now anything goes when Magneto battles foes

Ras Kass had him shivering, delivering ultramagnetic blows

Magneto was now deceased, and a wise man said it best

"The sun rises in the east, but they can still set it the west"

Now with all these heroes down, Stan Lee refuses to surrender

He got Storm from the X-Men, as if I couldn't match the gender

Stan Lee shouts 'Excelsior!' Yo, Stan you best to chill

'There's no match for Storm,' I guess he's never heard of Lauryn Hill

Now we all kow Storm controls the temperature and weather

Started runnin' off at the lip, and L-Boog was like 'Whatever'

See she just got home fom tours, she's a bit to tired to spar

So she clocked Storm over the head with my man Wyclef's guitar

All silence is ceased, out of nowhere comes the Beast

Versus Jeru the Damaja, the Black Prophet from the east

Releasing rhymes that will pound you into the ground, there'll be no

round two

Another victory for hip-hop from the Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

Now the underground sewer system that lies deep below the ring

Is where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Das EFX do their thing

Leonardo and Donatello, they both know we can do this

'So kiggedty crazy Drayze hit them both with raw sewage'

Now Rafeal and Michaelangelo, those two others who are brothers

Brooks smacked 'em with the Das EFX logo, the manhole cover

Whether you're plant or animal, vegitable or miggety-mineral

Before you step to Das EFX you best be hard like a criminal

Taking you back to ringside, just when you thought it was over

The last battle was brought forth by G.I.Joe and Cobra

Mercenaries and soldiers, G.I. Joe was rollin' thick

But I'll get the military of hip-hop, a.k.a. The Boot Camp Click

World War Three for '98 in the wake of all these troops

I could see general Buckshot goin toe to toe with Duke

Salute the captain, for rappin, cause now we know who's hard,

Catchin wreck like Steele and Tek going up against the Crimson Gaurd

Charging after you, smashin' you metaphorically smashin' through

The entire Joe team is O.G.C. and Ruck the Irrational

Then all of a sudden I hear this real loud crack!

'The military punisher Big Rock just broke Roadblock's back!'

Adding insult to injury to Stan Lee and his team

We've got Weapon X from Canada, a.k.a. Wolverine

You know the routine, his claws can rip rappers for days

But here comes the Method Man, a.k.a. Johnny Blaze!

Wolverine you can't hang, when Tical does his thang

Paralize you with the venom from the Method Man's fang!

This is the final battle as the stratosphere gets darker

We got Nasir Jones versus Peter Parker

Nasty Nas at halftime, headringer versus the webslinger

Illmatic versus radioactive in the rotten apple where the dead linger

He cursed the day that spider ever bit him

And gave him a copy of the second LP, It Was Written

For all up and coming emcees, I've got a question,

If I made a Secret Wars Part Two, would your name even be mentioned?

Would you make the final cut?

I make even the nicest give their titles up

Writing rhymes slash fighting crimes like the Blue Falcoln and Dynomutt

Stick around for the next battle slash adventure,

And if you see Stan Lee, tell him that the Last Emperor sent ya [echoes]
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