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Big and Loud I Lyrics


Big and Loud I Song Lyrics

Ashley Peldon
I've seen 'em come
And I've seen up go
There's one thing that I know
You gotta give all people
What they want
Or you'll wind up back in Kokomo, Nebraska!
Uhh, Indiana, Miss Dimple.
They like it big!
They like it loud!
Maybe a little bit jazzy sometimes...
Mr. PussyCat listen to me
You don't hafta be good
But you had better be...
Big and Loud!!
Gonna make your momma proud!
Make it Big!
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Cat's Don't Dance Lyrics

Soundtrack for Cartoon, 1993
Big and Loud I Lyrics by Cats Don't Dance from Cat's Don't Dance Soundtrack (1993). Rating: 4.2/5 (24 votes)