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Nothing More Than This Lyrics

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Nothing More Than This Lyric

Candide Cast Lyrics
Candide Soundtrack - Musical, 1997
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Nothing More Than This Is it this, the meaning of my life,
The sacred trust I treasure,
Nothing more than this?
All of my hope and pleasure,
No more than this?

The love I dreamed and cried for,
Nothing more than this?
All that I killed and died for,
No more than this?

That smile, that face, that halo around it,
That youth, that charm, that grace,
Behold I have found it,
Nothing more than this,
No more than this.

What did you dream,
Angel face with flaxen hair,
Soul as dead as face was fair?
Did you ever care?

Yes, you cared for what these purses hold,
You cared for gold, you cared for gold.
Take it for my kiss, my bitter kiss,
Since it was this you wanted,
No more than this.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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