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I Sing For You Lyrics

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I Sing For You Lyric

Daniel Letterle Lyrics
Camp Soundtrack - Movie, 2003
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I Sing For You I sing for you and only you
Wherever I go I find you
You’re in the sound of every hello
In everything I do
You’re the song I was destined to know
And I only sing for you

You went away. I should have known
You leave so many dreams behind you
Thought I’d be fine just being alone
I didn’t have a clue
But my heart had a mind of its own
And would only sing for you

You’re in the sound of the rain
Clouds in a winter sky
In a thousand unsaid words
In a thousand crazy reasons why
You were meant to fly

So fly for me and day by day
I’ll keep hoping your heart reminds you
Nothing but love can stand in our way
But love can see us through
Maybe that’s all I wanted to say
I will always sing for you
I will always sing for you

[Thanks to jonesjonathan@yahoo.com for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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