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How Come Lyrics

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How Come Lyric

Canibus f/ Youssou N'Dour Lyrics
Bulworth Soundtrack - Movie, 1998
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How Come Yo

As the universe expands

I contemplate whether it was God

or the Big Bang that made man

Sometimes I wonder how come

We cant live without guns

What would of been the outcome if the South won

Think about that son

What in the hell caused the assassination of Malcolm

The federal communications commission

listens to politicians in the position

to Make certain decisions like puttin minorities in prison

To decimating the population of women

It's called socialism

From the United States to the United Kingdom

Aahhkk, spit into the sky and extinguish the sun,

but how come

In the future

The location is planet Earth

The time and date is 1999, December 31st

11:59 p.m., the anticipation of what I think's

about to happen got my heartbeatin

We got less than a minute left before the planet Jupiter

is united into a star

I know it sounds bizarre but it's mathematics

A specific sign for some of the planet's inhabitants

Those who understand know what I'm sayin is accurate

Our country is corrupt from the president to the cabinet

In the year 2, followed by three 0's

The space probe Galileo,

will welcome us all to channel zero

but how come

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