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The Hanging Tree Lyrics

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The Hanging Tree Lyric

Heather Graham Lyrics
Broken Soundtrack - Movie, 2007
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The Hanging Tree You hook me up
Like a drive-in show
project your dreams
to the radio
what you see
in the midnight glow
Isn't me
It's only what you know

I... I never fake for you
I... I raise the stakes for you
I... gave up the take for you
But I... I will not break for you


The hanging tree... by the wishing well
Holds promised seeds...you can never sell
Come close to me... Whisper in my ear
What good to me... The secret side can't tell

...I never fake for you
...I raise the stakes for you
...Gave up the take for you
But I.. I will not Break for you


The hanging tree hangs OVER ME x3

[Thanks to Akilah for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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