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Maker Makes Lyrics


Maker Makes Song Lyrics

One more chain I break
To get me closer to you
One more chain does the maker make
To keep me from bustin' through
One more notch I scratch
To keep me thinkin' of you
One more notch does the maker make
Upon my face so blue
Get along, little doggies
Get along, little doggies
One more smile I fake
And try my best to be glad
One more smile does the maker make
Because he knows I'm sad
Oh Lord, how I know
Oh Lord, how I see
That only can the maker make
A happy man of me
Get along little doggies
Get along little doggies
Get along
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Brokeback Mountain Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2005
Maker Makes Lyrics by Rufus Wainwright from Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack (2005). Rating: 4.2/5 (23 votes)