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Bounce Lyric

Fizz & Boog Lyrics
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Bounce J-Boog:

Listen baby,
I can smell you from a mile
Ya, you ain't foolin' nobody
with that pretty a** smile, ya
I know, you jockin' me
All the birdies on my tip, ya
they flockin' over me
Can you believe it?
I'm the young boss man
Ala ala always be like (I'ma business man )
I'ma show you, how i get this green
Sit back lil momma while i make money..

Like the way you booty on me and
you like the way i'm feelin' on you
(Lick x5) on me, got the d*** now
what you gon do?


Now let me see you (bounce x3)
I like the way you shake it (on me x2) now
(bounce x3)
Turn it around like a (360 x2)
(bounce x3)
I like the way you shake it (on me x2) now
(bounce x3)
Turn it around like a (360 x2)

Lil Fizz:

Yeah, all up in the air
momma dancin' on me and
i think she'll take it there
yeah, she heard what i said
told her keep it bouncin' til i see her uh, uh, uh
who you know do it big this often?
don't leave your girl round me, be cautious
true playa, money on my radar
and honey you can do me a favor



Ya, i got my hands up
Even got my *** flyin' out the cup
Make it go boom boom like an 808
Let's go to the crib, I ain't tryna wait x2

Chorus x2
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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