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Another Layer Lyrics

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Another Layer Lyric

Jon McLaughlin Lyrics
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Another Layer I heard it on the radio
Let it be so I let go
To see if it made a difference.
I try to walk a different pace,
Show the world the other face,
I hide away
Because today...
Oh, I am not the same!
Oh, if I changed.


Nothing's ever what it seems.
You think you've got it figured out
Then find yourself another layer.
And life can bring you to your knees,
Or lift you till you're flyin
Do you wanna live in now or later?

The rainbow we refuse to find
Is wasted on the color blind.
It fades away,
Lost in the gray.
And those of us that sit alone
Pretending that there's no one home
Behind the door
Why we hiding for?
Oh, we are all the same!
Oh, if we...If we change.


We may not get a second chance
It's not all out of my hands
Now is not gonna pass me by!

(chorus x 2)

[Thanks to Jennifer for lyrics]

[Thanks to Noah for corrections]
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