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Wounded Knee Lyrics

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Wounded Knee Lyric

Nik Kershaw Lyrics
Bonneville Soundtrack - Movie, 2008
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Wounded Knee There we were, living on our island in the sun
Life was so easy, there was plenty for everyone
'Long come a white man who saw the milk and honey
Now we're making due while he's making all the money

Oh no, not a Wounded Knee
Another wheel stops rolling
Oh no, not a Wounded Knee again

There we were, living in our village in the trees
We were minding our own business,
We were doing as we please
'Long came a white man with attitudes and axes
Now we're doing overtime and paying lots of taxes


The promises and gifts he brings
In honor of the songs he sings
Are tearing us apart

We were pow-wowing to our hearts content
We had the great spirit, we didn't need a president
Song text taken from stlyrics.com
'Long came a white man from the civilised nations
Now he ain't having second thoughts
But we've got reservations

Oh no, not a Wounded Knee
Another wheel stops rolling
Oh no, not a Wounded Knee
Another bell starts tolling
Oh no, not a Wounded Knee
Another people starts calling
Oh no, not a Wounded Knee again
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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