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Child of the Wild West Lyrics

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Child of the Wild West Lyric

Cypress Hill & Roni Size Lyrics
Blade 2 Soundtrack - Movie, 2002
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Child of the Wild West [B-Real]
I traveled many miles above the dark road ahead of me
Obstacles in front of me but I kept movin' steadily
Enemies wanted to face off, grip the fingers threaten me
But I ain't goin' out grip and sit firm and readily
I'm a child of the wild west keepin' you guessin' constantly
Usin' this lumen and y'all don't know how to respond to me
It's simple, keep ya mouth shut I don't care what ya want from me
Pump up the volume so ya eardrums are rattlin'

[Hook x2]
Hurt em' then I murdered them
Think that's competition cause I've never heard of him
I hurt em' then I murder them
If they come runnin' up I make them hurt again

Your rhymeness and blindness, just find out who was rhymeless
The sh*t weighs out in a month, the loss goes on timeless
Ya rolled into crimeless, aggravated and shineless
I designed this for the lost who need to find this
The blind baby and maybe you need someone to lead you
Stop actin' like an infant, I'm tired of force feedin' you
You can't keep runnin' from the destiny that's meetin' you
It's your own soul, your own ghost that keeps beatin' you

[Hook x2]

[Sen Dogg]
Pump up the volume so ya eardrums are rattlin'
This is just a warning before I begin battlin'
Unsensible with ya actions with ya tractions
I'm facin' the methodical, serial rhymes in my state
Meets periodical, we're in a hostile, colossal
Situation and it's possible to get from the bust, bust, bust
>From penetration, lyrical blows
You cynical hoes are speechless


[Sen Dogg]
The psychological, projectile article missionary
Start to realize what the f**k in speech is scary
It's diabolical, straddle on top of you
When mister rebels spray levels of melodical
With doses of venom, big toke go hypnotic
Go for broke cause if ya lose control ya end up in the hospital
Incomprehensible, unconventional, go go go
From eventual tactics

[Hook x2]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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