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On The Grind Lyrics

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On The Grind Lyric

Rae feat. Classic Lyrics
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On The Grind yeah,
its a classic baby,
i been all over the world,
but ya'know,

Theres nothing i wouldn't do fo' ya'
i hope you don't mind that i show ya'
i want the whole world to know ya'
cause waking up here in the mornin'
got me movin' soon as im yawnin'
im ready and risin', grindin', shinin', socializin', enterprisin',
and on my mind is glory,
so somebody tell my story,
you people might think that it's boring,
but georgia you wont ignore me?
you treated me oh so well,
impertically atl,
and when ever you wanna see me,
hey its easy, you can meet me
im on ???? come on!

rae's chorus: whenever on a mission, im alive in the states,
call me once your missing, you can try to keep up,
everyday on the grind, your never slowin' us down, yeh-eh
everyones thinkin' in the city well i know,
im never gonna stop baby, try to keep up,
everyday on the grind, you never slowin' us down, yeh-eh

they say its greater in decater,
where them players like to say
a fell in love mary-ella,
just as much as i regret her,
apple johns, creek, palm beach,
ridin' through dumwood, it very good,
and when im in collage, talk about my hoodie
they'd be grindin',
you know that i'd be drivin'
to keep my people smilin',
and at east point ridin',
my family out and bank head, bake set, told me keep it bouncin'
so im shoutin'
everybody i can see in on my balcony, its on

rae's chorus again

here we go hard, every city, every night, no shame in what we're doing cause we livin' fast lives
grindin' every day, no standin' in our way, and theres nothing you can say cause these are our days(x2)

yeah atl me!
thats so slow
we getting in
georgia i love you baby

rae's chorus again

[Thanks to Chloe Mcallister for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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