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Twice the Love (Siamese Twins' Song)

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Twice the Love (Siamese Twins' Song) Song Lyrics

Danny Elfman
Big Fish Soundtrack - Movie, 2003
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Twice the Love (Siamese Twins' Song) Sometimes a girl can feel so all alone
Without a lover to call her own.
Sometimes it's so bad,
she wants to explode.
Grab the first man she sees and tear off his clothes.
But she won't.
No, she can't.
She needs a special different unusual man.
Because that girl,
Who looks like me
She has wants, but she has needs.
Any of you got needs?
I've had twice the adventure
I've cried double the tears.
I've had two times the bad times in only half the years.
And now I need a man
With twice the will to live
I need twice the men
Cause baby, I've got twice the love to give
I need twice the men
Cause baby, I've got twice the love to give

[Thanks to Narcissa Helena for lyrics]
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