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True to Myself Lyrics

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True to Myself Lyric

Benet, Eric Lyrics
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True to Myself Everybody wants to rise above
Without a touch of dignity
Without a stroke of love

Take a little time and check yourself
To live the life you're praying for
Just be true to yourself

Everybody wants to be your friend
If you got a dime to lend
You never really matter in the end to them
That's why

I'm true to myself ya'll
I'm true to my family
And love with a true integrity
I'm true to myself ya'll
True to my God above
And love with a true integrity

Everybody wants a piece of you and me
To be the victim of their greed
Or co-dependency

It's so very hard to know
Which way to go
A lie can be the gospel truth
If eloquently told

Everybody wants to make amends
If they can see another win
You never really matter in the end to them
That's why


Some people live their whole life
And they'll never see
The only way to find true happiness
Is to thine own self be

True to yourself y'all
Got to live your life for you, yeah
All you gotta do, well
Is be true to yourself, well
I'm true to myself, y'all
I'm true to my little baby girl
I got to be true, oh yeah

Chorus out
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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