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Ugly Boy Lyrics


Ugly Boy Song Lyrics

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! shutupshutupshutupshutup!
Such an ugly boy...
MEREDITH: He's just different.
SHELLEY: Like a stinky bony rat.
MEREDITH: Well, you wanted to keep him.
SHELLEY: I didn't know he'd look like that!
MEREDITH: Shelley!
SHELLEY: Well, look at him!
(Thunder clap)
MEREDITH: Oh my, its going to be quite a storm.
SHELLEY: Stupid starving freak.
MEREDITH: Shelley, that's not nice.
SHELLEY: Doesn't have the sense to eat.
MEREDITH: We just haven't figured out what he needs.
SHELLEY: Dropping dead right at my feet.
MEREDITH: Shelley!
SHELLEY: Just look at him...
MEREDITH: He's just... tired.
SHELLEY: That's my mom. See, she cries ev'ry time a stray dog dies.
MEREDITH: Well, I feel bad for them.
SHELLEY: No one calls.
MEREDITH: Sure they call...
SHELLEY: No one claims.
MEREDITH: Sometimes...
SHELLEY: So we put them down and never learn their names...
MEREDITH: Well, we can name him, sweetheart. What would you like to call him?
MEREDITH: Or maybe... Edgar. (calls to him) Ed-gar!
BATBOY- (looks at her) Gggnnnnnnwwgwooo?
MEREDITH: Look! He likes that name! Edgar it is!
SHELLEY: Such an ugly boy.
MEREDITH: I'll try to make him something to eat.
SHELLEY: Guess we can't just turn him loose.
MEREDITH: Stay away from the cage.
SHELLEY: I'm afraid he'll reproduce.
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Bat Boy Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2001
Ugly Boy Lyrics by Bat Boy: The Musical Cast from Bat Boy Soundtrack (2001). Rating: 4.8/5 (20 votes)