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Free Song Lyrics

Barbie Cast
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Free Oh! We're late, late, late! We have 20, maxium 22 minutes for your royal fitting!
And then it's move, move, move to your speech as the Historical Society!
And after that, we have to rush, and I mean rush to the Horticultural Society tea!
And then there's your Math lessons, your Geography lessons,oyour science lessons...

All my life I've always wanted
To have one day just for me
Nothing to do and for once
Nowhere I need to be
With no lessons, lords or lunches
Or to-do list in the way
No-one to says when
To eat, or read or leave or stay
That would be the day

All my life I've always wanted
To have one day to myself
Not waking up with
A pile of work of every shelf
With no dress in need of pressing
And no sleeves in disarray
No wedding gown
With a thousand stiches to crochet
And no debt to pay

*Gasp* Madame Carp!
What do you think I'm running here?
A cabaret?
I would've said a debtors prison.
Keep laughing! You'll be working for me for another 37 years!
But I've already paid off more than half!
But there's interest isn't there? Your parents should've thought of that before they borrowed so much!
They did it to feed me!
Their mistake.

What would it be like to be
What would it be like to be

Free to try crazy things
Free from endless I.O.U.s
Free to fly
Free to sing
And marry whom I choose

I'm so sorry my darling, but as you know, it is vital that you marry King Dominic, it is the only way to take care of our
I know, it's my duty.
Oh! And look, another engagement gift!

You would think
That I'm so lucky
That I have so many things
I'm realising that
Every present comes with strings

Though I know
I have so little
My determination's strong
People will gather
Around the world to hear my song
Can I come along?

Soon I fear I'll never be
Soon I will forever be

I close my eyes
And feel myself fly
A thousand miles away
I could take flight
But would it be right?
My conscience tells me:

I'll remain forever royal
I'll repay my parents debt
Duty means doing
The things your heart
May well regret

But I will never stop believing
She can never stop my schemes
There's more to living that
Gloves and gowns
And threads and seams
In my dreams
I'll be free

[Thanks to Katie-louise Sullivan for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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