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Gawd Above Lyrics

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Gawd Above Lyric

John Fullbright Lyrics
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Gawd Above Six long days, seventh day He rested
Said, "There's one sure way humans can be bested
Give em wine and song, fire and lust
When it all goes wrong I'm the man to trust
And they'll be all my own, all mine together
They will sing my praise, sing my name forever
I am God Above, Lord God Almighty, mama

But thats not all, I got me a flame
And its a swinger's ball if you don't know my name
Oh well you think its hot down there in July
I got the means and a kitchen to fry
Then you'll be on my own, all mine together
All my doubting children locked away forever
I am God Above, Lord God Almighty, mama

I made the heaven and earth, I made the stars above
Is it too much to ask for a little love?

So I'll tip my hat to all of your creations
You can fly like birds, destroy entire nations
Go and curse my name with your last breath
'Cause all I brought to your life was death
And now you're all my own, all mine together
Well you sing my praise, sing my name forever
I am God Above, Lord God Almighty, mama

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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