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Everybody's Got the Right (Finale)

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Everybody's Got the Right (Finale) Song Lyrics

Assassins Soundtrack - Musical, 1991
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Everybody's Got the Right (Finale) Everybody's got the right to be happy,

Don't be mad, life's not as bad as it seems,

If you keep your goal in sight, you can climb to any height,

Everybody's got the right to their dreams.

Everybody's got the right to be different.

If you wanna be different.

Even though at times they go to extremes.

Anybody can prevail, everybody's free to fail,

No one can be put in jail for their dreams.

Free country!

Means that you've got the choice,

Be a scholar! Make a dollar!

Free country!

Means that you get a voice,

Scream and holler! Grab 'em by the collar!

Free country!

Means you get to connect!

That's it! Means the right to expect that you'll have an effect.

That you're gonna connect! Connect! Connect! Connect!

Everybody's got the right to some sunshine!

Not the sun, but maybe one of it's beams.

One of it's beams!

Rich man, poor man, black or white.

Everybody gets a bite, everybody's got the right to their dreams.

Everybody's got the right....to their dreams.......(gunshots!)

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