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Live Let Live Lyrics

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Live Let Live Lyric

Brian Wilson Lyrics
Arctic Tale Soundtrack - Movie, 2007
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Live Let Live Are the we enemy living the memory
Grandly gambling
With our hand on the lifeline
Ghost of coastlines
You are hanging on time

Every last breath that you have left
Touched by the hand of the man
Brave riding the wave
Those we can save

Live let live
Not die

You think our tears are the only ones here
And its plain you see through
All my self expectation
Most like Moses when he parted the sea

There is a roar coming from shore
Cracking a glacier no more
When there was life
They would implore

Live let live
Not die

My heart beats so fast
(Heart beat, heart beat, heart beat)
My heart beats so fast
(Heart beat, heart beat, heart beat)
Makes one wonder all right
Breaking of ice at such a price
Time for some kindly advice

Polarization the talk of the nation
Explain to me why
Hearts are turning to warming
Painful games with thunder raining a warning

There is a roar coming from shore
Fussing and fighting and war
We have so much peace we should explore

Live let live let
Love is what living is for

Your heart beats with mine
(Heart beat, heart beat, heart beat)
Our hearts beat in time
(Heart beat, heart beat, heart beat)
Be true creatures of grace
Need over ice their paradise
Let them survive our embrace
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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