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Human Torch

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Human Torch Song Lyrics

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Human Torch Turned 'round 6 o'clock and I'm feeling sleepy
I don't have to work on Saturday
But I do anyway
'Round the corner right on up to the shop
I come creeping, but it don't matter anyway

'Cause I know it's just a spell
And even so I feel like hell
You can say that it's alright
But I am wrapped up tight
And I can see the forest through the trees
I am on my knees
I don't know if I am supposed to stay
Or I'm supposed to leave it all behind
The door the world outside still spins
Waiting there behind the door but I won't let it in
Not today, not tomorrow, not next week
You're just gonna have to pay five bucks to see the geek


Please pay your attention right above the center ring
Up in the rafters, 500 feet above the crowd
My hair is soaked in kerosene
My clothes are wet with gasoline
You only get to see this once
The human torch is going down
Going down, going down, going down
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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