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Hardset Head

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Hardset Head Song Lyrics

Skinny Puppy
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Hardset Head Driven with (Event width).
Two paths given.
Pure force downs.
Turns the screw crawling back.
In term space - a time to intrude.
In term peace - assuring a future.

Silent noise forming sound like silent noise.
Silent noise screaming hints.

Heinous plans in sides remain.
Taking downs.
Taking aim.
Filling curses.
Two conditions back upon itself.

Pass it off as good intentions leaving marks hard to heal.
Re-assisted retrogressions leaving tracks.
Path reveals.
Sample act reflected clears.
Noticed thought while leaving hears.
Nuisance labels paranoia.
So stupid how perceived that way.

Silent claws shredding flaws.
Hunger's knowing.
Silent flaws.
Forever laughter.
Silence knows.

A shaman stands retreating.
All is over. Ever-more.
Smoke the curse.
Your creation back upon yourself.

Pushes distress closer to the edge.
One time cracks.
Lights the walls.
Worry wasted hearing clouds up above the chatter.
Digging deep inside the storms to find the inner patience erasing shadowed gifted ruin.
Haste retracing promised news leaving statement meant as nothing, starving your words.
No excuses. Excuses ...

Silent truth asserts its proof like you abhor.
Silent truth asserts its proof.
You abhor.

Silent noise.
Silent flaws.
Silent noise.
Silent voice.
Silent flaws.
Silent truth.
Silent flaws.
Silent noise.
Silent voice.
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