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Adrenaline Song Lyrics

Phunk Junkeez
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Adrenaline Takin a ride to the dark side
Nowhere to go and got everything to hide
I look in the rearview
Open up my eyes to get a clear view
White lines flashin
And I'm tryin like hell to keep my car from crashin
I'm on the run
You better watch out cause here I come


Faster I go faster
Cause if the red and blue gets me then he has to
Shake me down, break me down
Gonna cuff me and stuff me and take me down
To the local precinct
So him and the judge can tell me what they think
About my situation
Gonna lock me up down at the station

Keeps pumpin
Pump it

The cop's a mile back and he's givin me leeway
Get out of dodge, dart off the freeway
Pull over to the pay phone
I'm gonna see if my lady's home
She said, "Come on, Daddy's gone"
Ahhhh it's on

Check it out about twenty minutes later
I was gettin it good but it's about to greater
When I was rockin somebody came knockin
Through the door I could hear a man talkin
"Open up it's the police"
And just when I was about to release
He kicked in the door
And pulled a gun out
Then it was time for me to run out
I kept goin and I did not stop
Cause my girlie never told me that her daddy was a cop

Keeps pumpin

Keeps pumpin
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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