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Beloved Lyric

The Working Title Lyrics
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Beloved Come to me like in my dreams
Spinning everything
And all the while my bones fight
Not to crash down

Now that I know you can be
Everything I need
And anything I'd do to
Find your name

Because in my subconscious
I feel so complete
When we're rolling over hills
In the Massai Land

Watching angels as I speak
Soaring over me
Because every day is a race into the night

I could try to find out
Why these old wings won't fly
Until I close my eyes
Count the lines
And find I'm soaring high
Oh to look up and find you with wings on tight
Your head faced down
You're spinning around
Crashing down on me

Follow me to where we hid
The rest of our longs lives
Dreaming in the sun to float away
The manna mysteriously will nourish every day
And thanking God we fold down to pray

I'll find you
And you'll know me from all your dreams
And I'll be
Everything that I know you can be
Dreaming. Loving
And I'll (you'll) be everything

Please come whisper all you know
About this thing called love
And feel it as you speak
Draw you to me
Note the swell that passion brings
And feel it in the air
Come step of from your ledge to soar with me

[Thanks to a_lo_g@hotmail.co for lyrics]
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