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The Joint Is Jumpin' Lyrics

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The Joint Is Jumpin' Lyric

Ain't Misbehavin' Cast Lyrics
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The Joint Is Jumpin' They have a new expression along old Harlem way,
That tells you when a party is ten times more than gay:
To say that things are jumpin' leaves not a single doubt,
That everthing is in full swing when you hear someone shout.
Here 'tis:

The joint is jumpin',
It's really jumpin',
Come in, cats, and check your hats,
I mean this joint is jumpin'!

The piano's thumpin',
The dancers are bumpin',
This here spot is more than hot,
In fact, the joint is jumpin'!

Check your weapons at the door,
Be sure to pay your quarter,
Burn your leather on the floor,
Grab anybody's daughter.

The roof is rockin',
The neighbors knockin',
We're all bums when the wagon comes,
I mean, this joint is jumpin'!

Let it be! Yas!
Burn this joint, boy!
Oh, my! Yas!
Don't you hit that chick, that's my broad!
Where'd you get that stuff at?
Why, I'll knock you to your knees!
Put this cat out of here!
Get rid of that pistol! Get rid of that pistol! Yeah! Get rid of it, yas!
That's what I'm talkin' about! Ha, ha! Yas!
Now it's really ready!
No, baby, not now, I can't come over there right now.
Yeah, let's do it!
[Party noises and shouting]

The joint is jumpin',
It's really jumpin'!
Every Mose is on his toes,
I mean this joint is jumpin'!

[Police whistle]

Uh-oh! No time for talkin',
This place is walkin', yes,
Get your jug and cut the rug,
I think the joint is jumpin'.

Get your pig feet, bread and gin,
There's plenty in the kitchen!
Who is that that just came in?
Just look at the way he's switchin'!

Aw, mercy,
Don't mind the hour,
I'm in power.
I've got bail if we go to jail.
I mean this joint is jumpin'!
Don't give your right name, no, no, no, no!

[Thanks to JJ for lyrics]
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