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Incomplete Lyric

Deitrick Haddon Lyrics
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Incomplete Have you ever heard a symphony
you feel the music racing through your veins but imagine it without the strings what would it be incomplete Imagine the perfect melody The one that sweeps you off your feet now imagine it without the beat what would it be

that was me
Oh oh oh oh

Can you imagine life without death
Or picture right without left
sand and bones without breath
That's all we'd be incomplete
If he never sent his son to save us
what if he never forgave us
or never loved a sinner like me all we'd be is

That was me
Oh oh oh oh

Broken down I came to you
you took my heart and made it new
broke the chains that bonded me
gave me life and now I am complete
Now I am complete

that was me
that was me
Oh oh oh oh

We're incomplete without you
Oh oh oh oh
We're incomplete without you

[Thanks to Ajany for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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