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Around Here Lyrics

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Around Here

Allison Janney and Ensemble Lyrics
9 To 5 Soundtrack Musical, 2009
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Around Here Violet:
You gotta know what to do,
You gotta do it in a hurry;
Gotta hustle, gotta bustle, gotta scoot, gotta hurry
'Cause we got no time
To fool around,
Around here, Around here

You gotta get it right on the first try, honey.
Cause each mistake means they're losing lots of money, and
We got no time
To waste a dime
Around here

Here's your mimeograph and the carbon paper,
There's the intercom, there's your phone, and here's your stapler
Got your shredder, got your letters,
Gonna type, you gotta write,
Is that clear? Is that clear?

Got your three-hole punch,
And at noon, take lunch,
Keep it runnin', keep it comin',
Gotta pump, you gotta hump 'cause we
Got no time
To fool around here

Follow me!

You gotta know what to do,
You gotta do it in a hurry;
Gotta hustle, gotta bustle, gotta scoot, gotta hurry!
'Cause we got no time to fool around, around here
Around here
Punch in when you enter,
Punch out when you leave,
Do exactly as you're told,
No excuses please!
No, we don't play or make mistakes around -


Violet! Oh, Violet!

Judy, this is Roz Keith, Mr. Hart's administrative assistant.

Violet, I've been meaning to talk to you about Mr. Hart's rules regarding office decor. No personal items on the desk. We
mustn't look cluttered and sloppy. "An office that looks efficient-

Violet & Roz:
- is efficient."

I've typed up this memo. You can stick it on the bulletin board.

Thanks, Roz. I know just where to stick it. Dear old Roz is Mr. Hart's administrative eyes, ears, nose and throat. If you
ever want to gossip in the ladies' room, check under the stall for feet first.

You gotta know who to trust,
Better know it in a hurry!
No time for such a thing as your personal worries
Gotta grow, you gotta show, gotta keep it in tow
Around here!
Let's recap...

Around here!

Know who to trust and know it in a hurry

Around here!

No time for any personal worries

Around here!

No laughing, no jokes, and mind the dress codes.

Is that clear!? Around here!
No chats, no snacks, no clutter on the desks
Around here!
No breaks, no personal effects,

It's all about the job
And getting it done
Around here

You gotta know what to do,
You gotta do it in a hurry;
Gotta hustle, gotta bustle, gotta scoot, you gotta scurry
'Cause we got no time to fool around
'Round here.
Around here

Do what you gotta do, no time to dilly-dally!
No time to bend the rules,
'Cause they're the ones who keep the tally
And we got no time to fool around
Around here, not around here-
Got no time at all to fool around,
Around here!

Get it?

Got it.


[Thanks to Joey for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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