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Bricks or Coconuts

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Bricks or Coconuts Song Lyrics

Jacuzzi Boys
50/50 Soundtrack - Movie, 2011
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Bricks or Coconuts Shine

you say you know but please let that just a big lie

I hope your joking, momma i don't want you to know

ah ah ah ah

The cities cold, in the night air my mind is killin' but baby i just want you to know

ah ah ah ah

(?) eats bricks or coconuts, i gotta pick only one



I go to focus...stand right here. i cried the ocean in one tear. A satellite glowing to guide my way, since you have left
girl i'm just not OK!

(?) eats bricks and coconuts i got to pick only one, only one, only.

A (?) sun way down here, the answers shining, the choice is clear, so leave those bricks ?>by the well they belong treat you right, cuz i know what's wrong...

I know whats wrong, i know whats wrong

beneath us
p p p p p p p pp pp ppp pick me

(?) bricks and coconuts, i gotta pick only one



[Thanks to Ham for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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