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Here I Come Lyrics

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Here I Come

Evan & Kids Lyrics
13 Soundtrack Musical, 2008
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Here I Come Evan:
Nothing’s done or set
There are options to consider
I admit I didn’t make it work tonight
I’m not finished yet
They are not gonna call me a quitter
Cause I’m gonna try again with all my might
Until I can show the people in this town
That I can get it right

So here I come
I got a million other tricks still up my sleeve
Here I come
And I’m not about to pack my bags and leave
No, no, no, no, no
I didn’t push this hard to go back where I started from
Here I come

You can bring me down
You can say I just don’t get it
You can make me kiss the life I knew goodbye
You can kick me out
You can say I’m gonna regret it
But you never get to tell me I can’t try
Before you put me off or count me out
Just look me in the eye

Cause here I come
I’m a little late but now I’m in the droll
Here I come
You better check me out cause this is how I roll
I’m gonna find out what they got and I’m gonna get me some
Here I come

You think I wont get my wishes
You’ve never known somebody this ambitious
Take a breath, count to ten
I blew it once but I won’t again
I’m beginning to see
I’m beginning to learn
I’m becoming a man
And here I go!

(Dance break)

Here I come
I got a million other tricks still up my sleeve

Look out cause he’s coming up now

Here I come

Yes, he’s coming up!

And I’m not about to pack my bags and leave

Evan & Others:
No, no, no, no, no, no

I’m gonna fight it till I get my share
I’m gonna win this battle fair and square
I didn’t push this far to end up where I started from

He’s coming, coming up!

Here I come!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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