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Just A Kiss Soundtrack CD. Just A Kiss Soundtrack

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Just A Kiss soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2002
A Little Bit of Ecstasy

Jocelyn Enriquez 

Never the Same

The Supreme Beings of Leisure 


Tara MacLean 

Demain (Tomorrow)

Les Nubians 

Love is Coming Back

Genevieve Waite 

Max Roach

Charlie Watts/Jim Keltner Project 

Just a Kiss Theme


Park Cello


Funeral Music


Funeral Organ Solo





Bossa Nostra/Bruna Lopez 



Bitches & Friends

DJ Rodriguez 

Walk Down Street


Airplane Music


Airplane Music


Airport Ride


Midget Attack


Peanut Butter Salute


Jackson Heist

The Dum Dum Project