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Brooklyn's Finest Soundtrack CD. Brooklyn's Finest Soundtrack

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Brooklyn's Finest soundtrack lyrics

Movie, 2010

Harvey and The Moonglows 

The Great Pretender

The Platters 



Who is He / And What is He to You

Bill Withers 

Without Love There's Nothing

Clyde McPhatter 

You're Nobody / Til Somebody Kills You

Notorious B.I.G. 


Isaac Hayes 

Soothe Me

The Simms Twins 

Sympathy for the Devil

The Rolling Stones 

However Do You Want It


Woman's Gotta Have It

Bobby Womack 

When You Love Somebody

Leela James 

Sea Of Love

George Khoury and Philip Baptiste 

Hey Love

The Delfonics 

Here Comes Trouble


You Don't Know What You're Doing

Sound Experience 

Where's My Money

The Evil Genious DJ Green Lantern and Dead Prez, featuring Busta Rhymes 

Time / Clock Of The Heart

Boy George, Michael Craig, Rob Hay and John Moss 

BK Where You From

Joell Ortiz 

Bullet Bullet

The Evil Genious Green Lantern and Dead Prez, featuring Johnny Polygon 


The Evil Genious Green Lantern and Dead Prez, featuring Mavado 


DJ Green Lantern and Dead Prez 

The Champ



Malcolm Kirby Jr. and H. Martin 



The Station

Marcelo Zarvos 

Saint Michael's Prayer

Marcelo Zarvos 

Meeting at Diner

Marcelo Zarvos 

Sal Drives to the Projects

Marcelo Zarvos 


Marcelo Zarvos 

I Believe You

Marcelo Zarvos 


Marcelo Zarvos 

Uniform Got Popped

Marcelo Zarvos 

Sal's Dilemma

Marcelo Zarvos 

Grieving Mother

Marcelo Zarvos 

Righter or Wronger

Marcelo Zarvos 

Halloween at the Academy

Marcelo Zarvos 

The Raid

Marcelo Zarvos 

Tango and Caz

Marcelo Zarvos 


Marcelo Zarvos 

Twenty Years of Days

Marcelo Zarvos 

Let's Go for a Ride

Marcelo Zarvos 

Brooklyn's Finest (Instrumental)

Marcelo Zarvos