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Vacation Soundtrack CD. Vacation Soundtrack

Vacation lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

December, 01st 2016

Vacation album description:

The same wild dentist who is "not a doctor at all", from the "Bachelor" trilogy, returns to the screens in the Vacation movie. The main female role played by “Blonde girl” Leslie Mann, who has become a hostage of the same image, successfully operated long since the late 1990s.
Movie is a comedy in the broadest sense of this word, which has a similar music from the 27 tracks – humorous ( 11th Dimension ), playful ( Head Over Heels ) and carefree ( Holiday Road ). In those moments, when the main characters cannot do something right, something sadly funny, like Summer Breeze by Seals And Crofts is played.
There is no good to expect something extraordinary from a comedy from the long list. However, this is not a reason to make music selection bad – and we must pay tribute, – the selection has become bright and cheery. When you consider – whether to eat a slice of orange or to commit suicide – just turn on this selection, and your life purpose inevitably will turn you in the direction of easy optimism. Only the cheery Class Historian or Walley World, which is one of the themes of the film, costs much.
The album also found a place for gangsta rap by Feel Right and Still Not A Player . The good old original Without You by Harry Nilsson pleasantly surprises. This song was so masterfully sung by Whitney Houston, mesmerized by her angelic and strong voice a hundreds of millions of souls, forever inscribed this song in the annals of all music halls of fame. Frankly speaking, Holiday Road also was repeatedly sung by beginning performers, but the execution of Matt Pond still remains one of the best. Sadly and merry, this song sets a romantic and nostalgic mood, giving such a state when you want to believe in a good and not to lose hope.
Positive Lets Go is some "cherry" on top. Playful country in a modern way Good Friend Of Mine perfectly complements the image of this sound collection. Chariots of Fire By Vangelis firmly sealed the envelope of album with its consistent quality and emotional lift-up. The final score: must hear, at least.

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