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Tusk Soundtrack CD. Tusk Soundtrack

Tusk lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

Beautiful Dreamer

101 Strings Orchestra 

Blow The Man Down

The X-Seaman’s Institute 

Broken Wings

Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company 

Clair De Lune

101 Strings Orchestra 

La Luna

Herman Beeftink 

More Margaritas Ringtone

Ralph Garman 

The McKenzie Call: Ca Roo Ca Roo

Dave Thomas 

Triumphant Salute



Fleetwood Mac 

Viral Video Theme


January, 31st 2017

Tusk album description:

Strange horror and comedy movie in one bottle. Disgusting and confusing story where everything is quite unclear. The presence of Haley Joel Osment in this shocking film just disappointing – for the Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis this young at that time actor has received a great number prizes and awards, and was nominated for an Oscar. Everyone was speaking about young talent. And now, 12 years later, the 27-year-old actor plays god knows what in the second-rate films. The degradation and decadence. It’s a pity, he could go far if he worked on himself and tried more for self-improvement and acted ever more.
As for the movie, it's a low-budget motion picture that is not even paid off, because everything in it is terrible. With investments of USD 3 million, it gathered only 1,8. Many critics say that this film should be assigned 0 out of 10, based on its visual and intellectual disgustingness. We fully agree with them.
The plot is worthless, even for a horror film – a schizophrenic and misanthrope person steals man and makes him a walrus by a row of consequential and frightening surgeries. Then he dressed up in the same creature and fights with the already-not-human, forcing the latter to kill him. Simply abomination from which it would be desirable not to go far away from the toilet. And it ends like following: this creation continues to live in some freaky pool. In general, sense of lack of practicality and miserable discouragement from elementary rejection of humanity – only such range of emotions experienced from this film.
The music used in the film, mainly is not freely available in the Internet. Beautiful Dreamer and Clair De Lune – they are classic melodies, and Tusk by Fleetwood Mac is a pop. 101 Strings Orchestra created the most pleasant thing in this film – the classics. The rest is somehow primitive.

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